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Protect and Enhance Your Vehicle's Exterior Appearance

At RT Auto Detailing our Exterior Refresh Services are designed to restore and protect your vehicle's exterior from harsh elements. Choose between our Basic and Premium options to give your car, truck, or van the perfect treatment.

What's included?​

Basic Exterior Detail:

  • Thorough exterior wash and dry

  • Exterior window cleaning

  • Wheel and tire cleaning & dressing

  • Door and trunk jambs cleaning

Premium Exterior Detail:

  • Everything from Basic Exterior Service

  • Decontamination with clay bar treatment

  • Protective spray sealant application

  • Chrome trim and grille polishing (if applicable)

  • Exterior plastic and rubber trim dressing

*This is the starting price for vehicles in average condition. Any vehicle with excess contaminates, stains or pet hair will be an additional charge.

Expert team of RT Auto Detailing Service LLC
  • Sedans $75 | Vans $95 | SUVs - Trucks $105

    From 75 US dollars
  • Sedans $120 | Vans $140 | SUV-Trucks $155

    From 120 US dollars
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