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Comprehensive Auto Detailing Solutions

At RT Auto Detailing Service LLC, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional auto detailing services that cater to your vehicle's unique needs. Our range of detail services is designed to address every aspect of your car's appearance, inside and out. With our skilled professionals and top-quality products, you can trust us to provide unparalleled results.

For a personalized approach to your vehicle's detailing needs, schedule an appointment, request a quote, or contact our team at RT Auto Detailing Service LLC today!

Note: The Elite Detail package requires a garage for the polishing process. This is due to the need for a controlled environment to apply and cure the sealant properly.

Complete Detailing Packages

Immaculate interior of a car after RT Auto Detailing's comprehensive service


Essential Detail

The Essential Detail package is perfect for those seeking a thorough refresh of their vehicle's interior and exterior. This service includes:

  • Comprehensive exterior wash and dry

  • Interior vacuuming and surface wipe down

  • Interior and exterior window cleaning

  • Wheel and tire cleaning and dressing

Sedans $120 | Vans $175 | SUVs & Trucks $180


Pro Detail

Upgrade to the Pro Detail package for a deeper clean and added protection for your vehicle. This package includes everything in the Essential Detail, plus:

  • Intensive Exterior washing & Interior cleaning of carpets and upholstery

  • Water spot removal from exterior glass

  • Leather/Vinyl cleaning and conditioning (if applicable)

  • Protective spray wax application for enhanced exterior shine and protection

  • Interior Scenting

Sedans $240 | Vans $260 | SUVs & Trucks $275


Elite Detail

Our Elite Detail package is the ultimate car care experience, providing advanced cleaning and protection services. This package includes everything in the Pro Detail, along with:

  • Clay bar treatment to remove contaminants from your vehicle's exterior paint

  • Trim Restoration

  • Headlight Restoration 

  • One-step polishing and 1 year sealant application for superior shine and protection

  • Engine bay cleaning and dressing

Sedans $300 | Vans $350 | SUVs &Trucks $400

Exterior Only Detailing Services

RT Auto Detailing's well-equipped mobile unit ready for service


Basic Exterior

Our Basic Exterior Detailing service is designed to bring back your car's exterior shine. It includes:

  • Exterior wash and dry

  • Exterior window cleaning

  • Wheel and tire cleaning and dressing

  • Door and trunk jambs cleaning

  • Exterior trim and rubber seals treatment

Sedans $75 | Vans $95 | SUVs & Trucks $105


Premium Exterior

Choose our Premium Exterior Detailing service for a more comprehensive exterior treatment. This service includes everything from the Basic Exterior, plus:

  • Decontamination wash and clay bar treatment

  • High-quality spray sealant application for added protection

  • Chrome trim and grille polishing (if applicable)

  • Exterior plastic trim dressing restoration

Sedans $160 | Vans $175 | SUVs & Trucks $205

Interior Only Detailing Services

Expert team of RT Auto Detailing Service LLC


Basic Interior

Opt for our Basic Interior Detailing service to refresh your vehicle's cabin. This package includes:

  • Interior vacuuming

  • Interior surfaces wipe down and cleaning

  • Interior window cleaning

  • Vinyl and plastic surfaces cleaning and conditioning

Sedans $65 | Vans $95 | SUVs & Trucks $90


Premium Interior

Upgrade to our Premium Interior Detailing service for a more thorough interior cleaning experience. This package includes everything in the Basic Interior, plus:

  • Steam or extraction cleaning for carpets and upholstery

  • Leather cleaning and conditioning

  • Detailing of air vents, cup holders, and storage compartments

  • Headliner cleaning

  • Interior fabric and carpet protection (application of fabric guard or Scotchgard)

Sedans $120 | Vans $140 | SUVs & Trucks $155

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